Natacha Chetcuti | A critique of the sex categorisation in contemporary feminist theories


Based on a historical and theoretical persperctive, this paper proposes a critique of the sex and gender categorisations as conceptualised in the French feminist debates from the 1970s  to the present day. Whilst taking care to present the core problematic at each stage, the aim will be to present a critique of the categories sex and gender in sociology and anthropology and to examine their role within gender studies. This perspective will follow two axis : on the one hand, the historical inclusion of the sex category as an investigation object, examined from the angle of de/naturalisation (contradictory and conflictual) up to its politicisation in the social movements during the past 40 years.
On the other hand, based on the hypothesis that sex is a social construct, that is to say an ideological production of the concrete socio-political relations in our societies, and assuming that as a consequence it must be treated, not as a biological proof but as a sociological category (Mathieu, 1991), we will wonder why there is such a strong movement towards erasing a sociological problematisation of the sexes in current gender studies.
(It will be in Italian)