Safari Amir | “Feminine” Jobs? The Relationship Between Job Announcements in Newspapers and the Creation of Female Jobs


Women have been discriminated against in society because of their gender in different ways and forms over the past years. But one of the most interesting areas where women have been stereotyped is the job market. The relationship between job type and gender has been one of the most important areas that feminist movement  has explored since its inception. Certain types of jobs have been depicted as “female” jobs while certain other jobs have taken a “manly” character.  For example being a nurse is considered to be feminine job while being an engineer is a male occupation.
In this paper I’ll attempt to explore the stereotyping of women on certain jobs because of their gender in newspaper advertisements. My aim in this research is to show that job advertisements in newspapers and magazines create a certain image of women and give some jobs a “female” character and certain other jobs a “male” character. Specifically, I want to show that job announcements create two categories of jobs: male jobs and female jobs. This, in turn, is a reflection of patriarchal power relations in the society which relegates women to secondary positions, while giving men a primary role and position in the society.