Scientific Committee


Fernanda AlfieriPhD in historical studies, holds a researcher position at the FBK-Studi sotrici, where she is involved in a research on the normative discourse about behaviours and manners established between ecclesiastical and secular institutions in the Europe of early Modernity. Her study Nella camera degli sposi. Tomás Sánchez, il matrimonio, la sessualità (secoli XVI-XVII) will be published by Mulino shortly.

Antonio Autieroprofessor of moral theology at Muenster University (Germany) and director of the Centro per le scienze religiose FBK-Sr,Trento. His research interests regard the theory of moral subjectivity and the ethical implications of scientific research.

Valentina Chizzolais a philosopher with a doctorate in theoretical philosophy from Venice University in collaboration with the Freie Universitaet, Berlin. At the moment, she is working as a post-doc researcher at the FBK as a member of the research project Gender Studies. Her research focuses on the topic of corporeality and the contribution of natural sciences to the definition of distinctive characteristics of the human and the construction of gender.

Giovanna Covi teaches Anglo-American Literature, Gender Studies and Critical Theory and is board member of the Centro Studi Interdisciplinari di Genere at the University of Trento; her research is focused on gender and race, including Caribbean literature. Among her recent publications: Interculturality and Gender (London 2009)and “La Dividua—A Gendered Figuration for a Planetary Humanism” (in Morgan and Karavanta 2009.

Stefanie Knauss is a theologian and anglicist, holding a position as a researcher at the Centro per le scienze religiose FBK-Sr, Trento. Her research interests focus on topics of gender studies in theology, the relationship between culture and theology and the role of corporeality in religion.

Anna Perini is a research scientist at the Center for Information Technology, FBK-IRST CIT, in Italy, where she is leading the research activities in requirements engineering within the Software Engineering group. Her research interests are in agent-oriented software engineering and requirements engineering. She is a member of program committees of international conferences and workshops, and was local co-chair of the 17th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2006) and program co-chair of STAIRS 2006.

Liria Veronesi obtained her PhD in Sociology and Social Research at the University of Verona. Currently she holds a post-doc position at the FBK where she works on the interdisciplinary project “The Construction of Gender between Applied Sciences and Humanities”. Her research interests include quantitative methods in social research and the relationship between humanistic and techno-scientific cultures.

Theresa WobbeDr. phil., is a historian and sociologist, professor for the sociology of gender in the department for economics and social sciences at Potsdam University. Her research interests: institutional change of gender in academic, political and religious contexts, processes of socialization in Europe and global society; numerous publications in the area of the history of science and sociology of science, in the context of the association “Frauen in Akademie und Wissenschaft”, e.g. (ed.), Frauen in Akademie und Wissenschaft Arbeitsorte und  Forschung-spraktiken (1700-2000), Berlin 2002. Most recently: Ein Blick zurück nach vorn: Theresa Wobbe und Petra Hoffmann analysieren die Fernwirkungen der modernen Geschlechterdifferenzierung