Keynote speakers

Cecilia Asberg(Linköping University): Posthumanities as a Feminist Challenge: Ontopolitics and the Alzheimer's Cultures of the Laboratory
Barbara Duden, University of Hannover
Sandra Harding (University of California Los Angeles): Colonialism, Postcolonialism, and Science: Gender Issues
Stefan Hirschauer (University of Mainz): Gender differentiation in scientific knowledge: Cosmologies, ontologies, and methodologies
Teresa Rees(University of Cardiff): Mainstreaming gender in research: Lessons from Europe
Catherine Vidal (Institut Pasteur Paris): The sexed brain: between science and ideology
Theresa Wobbe(University of Potsdam): Gendered ways of knowing: Open questions

Roundtable discussion

Chair: Flavia Zucco

Elena BougleuxFrancesca Molfino, Francesca Pasinelli.

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