Parallel I

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Università degli Studi di Trento - piazza Venezia, 41

Theory 1

aula 108 – chair: Raffaella Sarti, University of Urbino

  • De Ganck Julie, The Politics of Monstrosity. Hans de Winiwarter and intersexuality in Early Twentieth Century
  • Bidwell-Steiner Marlen, Arguments on Female Deficiencies in Changing Discursive Clothes: from the “Humornome” to the Genome to the “Hormonome”
  • Fehige Yiftach, Too Trivial or Too Implausible: Naturalism and Transsexuality
  • Joseph Suzanne E., Reimagining Power Binaries of Gender-Race-Class in the Social Sciences


aula 012 – chair: Aurica Nutt, University of Münster

  • Hoel Nina, On Being a Feminist in the Discipline of Religious Studies: Reflections on Research Methodology and Positionality when Researching Muslim women’s Experiences in South Africa
  • Winkel Heidemarie, Gender Knowledge beyond the Western Realm: Modern Sciences and the Isla-mic Knowledge System in Muhammad ‘Abduh’s Societal Reform Approach
  • Perroni Marinella, Biblical Faith And Knowledge
  • Rojas Salazar Marilu, Ecosophy as an Epistemological Proposal of the Ecofeminist Theology in the Latin American Context


aula 009 – chair: Veerle Draulans, Tilburg University & Catholic University Leuven

  • Ansara Gavriel, Cisgenderism in Psychology: The Pathologizing and Misgendering of Children from 1999-2008
  • Lewis Holly, New Media, Biopolitics, and the Development of Transmasculine Subjectivity
  • Luizzi Vincent, Constructing the Self as a Transgendered Person
  • Viggiani Giacomo, The Epistemology of the Closet


aula 013 – chair: Asta Zelenkauskaite, FBK, Trento

  • Corá Elsio José, Reconnaissance, intersubjectivity and ethical life
  • Galvagni Lucia, Bioethical Issues at the Beginning of Life: A Gender Perspective
  • Szczygielska Marianna, Technologically assisted life. Between biopolitics and thanatopolitics
  • Zanini Giulia, Gender issues in sperm, egg and embryo donation. How people think of alternative reproduction