2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Università degli Studi di Trento - piazza Venezia, 41


aula 009 – chair: Lucia Calliari, FBK, Trento

  • Erlemann Martina, Hunting for female galaxies and giving birth to satellites: The gendering of scientific knowledge in public discourse on physics
  • Rentetzi Maria, Visualizing High Energy Physics in the Postwar Period: A Gendered Task
  • Scheich Elvira, What makes the world go round? Gendered theories on money and moving forces in early modern physics


aula 013 – chair: Lucia Galvagni, University of Trento & Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari, Trento

  • Gribaldo Alessandra, Gendering the medical gaze: bio-aesthetics of reproductive technology
  • Sayed Gadelrab Sherry, Elite Medical Discourse on Sex Difference and its Influence on Understanding of Gender and Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century Egypt
  • Stefano Scarpa, The problem of intersexuality in sports competitions. The Caster Semenya case

Theory 2

aula 108 – chair: Jonathan Davies, FBK, Trento

  • Möser Cornelia, Gender as Subject and Object of Traveling Theories and Cultural Translations: the example of the feminist gender debates in France and Germany
  • Binard Florence, The sex/gender bicategorisation: a sexist analytical tool? 
  • Chetcuti Natacha, La critica di categorizzazioni del sesso in contemporanea teorie femministe
  • Schmitz Sigrid, Degele Nina, The concept of embodying: a dynamic approach to sex/gender and nature/culture


aula 411 – chair: Anna Perini, FBK, Trento

  • Beaupain Gitte, Shifting priorities for mainstreaming gender in the EU research policy – the gender toolkit and training activities in FP7
  • Calloni Marina, Does a European model of women in/ and science exist? 
  • Wanner Thomas, The biopolitics of climate change: biopower, gendered knowledge and the environment
  • Zaragoza Domènech Carme, Fernández-Novell Josep M., Drawing Scientists: Gender of the Scientists Depicted by Young People


aula 007 – chair: Davide Zordan,FBK, Trento

  • Preeti Sharma, Sanjeev Kumar H.M., Gendering of Art through Religious Symbolism: Mapping depictions of feminine sexuality in Hindu Temple Architecture 
  • Frescura Cristina, Ipatia of Alexandria as the embodiment of a “gendered way of knowing”