General Information

Gendered Ways of Knowing?
Gender, Natural Sciences and Humanities

Interdisciplinary Congress
Trento (Italy), December 1–4, 2010

Gender Studies are not only concerned with the study of the relationships between the genders, but also of the social and/or scientific construction of ‘gender’ and of the genderization of knowledge itself. In the comparison of the methodologies used in natural sciences and the humanities, a gendered way of looking at reality becomes obvious. Today, Gender Studies have developed an extremely multi-disciplinary, if not trans-disciplinary character: gender has become a part of the most diverse areas of discussion and has a strong impact on different empistemological categories.

The conference aims at a verification of the status quo of the dibate and to develop it further from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Furthermore, it aims at establishing a network of researchers and institutes working in the same area and to provide thus the occasion for exchange and discussions between researchers from various disciplines.


Developments:The historical development of the concept of gender and its interaction with the emergence of the distinction between natural sciences and humanities;

Profiles: Research and researchers. Reflections on gender, knowledge and natural sciences and humanities. If and how particular fields of research contribute to the reinforcement of a binary vision of gender.

Effects: Social, individual and cultural consequences. How the representation and visualization of scientific results contribute to the construction and perception of gender and in how far these representations influence embodied human existence, from a social as well as individual perspective.

Perspectives: European research politics and decision making processes with regard to gender; biopolitics; financing, and methodological perspectives.

For further details, see also the Call for Papersand the Program